Over nearly three decades, we’ve perfected a bit of a balancing act. We’ve found the sweet spot between liveliness and stiffness. Between responsiveness and control. Between high performance and comfort. Between weight and durability. It has come with focus on a single end objective: to craft outstanding bike frames that last a lifetime.  Thanks to the special properties of our Pi Tech titanium that fine balancing act comes to life in each frame we make—in every model, in every size—allowing us to duplicate the exact ride quality we are after every single time, regardless of frame size.

To that end, there is no single step that makes a frame great. Instead, it’s the integration of several steps, all patiently woven together around our singular mission that result in a Moots.  Certainly it requires a clear focus on the proper design necessary to create a specific ride experience. And a deep-seated knowledge of the materials that go into each frame. Behind that, a team of skilled craftspeople that appreciate the role precision plays in the end result. When everything works together, great things happen.

At Moots, that’s what we strive for every day.  Over the years, we’ve quietly built a loyal following of cyclists across the globe who’ve not only fallen in love with titanium. They’ve fallen in love with Moots titanium.  Riding your own Moots all begins by working with an authorized Moots dealer, who can help you identify your ideal frame, get you professionally fit, and begin the process of building you your very own Moots. Then it’s time to start cutting tubes.

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